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5 & 6 october 2019

Aroma, Flavour and Passion: The basis of the Modeste Beer Festival!

The Modeste Beer Festival is without a doubt something to look forward to for the lover of flavourful and skillfully brewed beers.

A unique happening, organised by the Antwerp Beer College, where in every year more than 4,000 enthousiatic new and returning visitors have come and discovered the most delicious of the small Belgian brewers.

We welcome you with warm hearts on October 5th and October 6th 2019. At the festival we offer you the possiblity to savour the pearls from the small breweries and a few family brewers. The many varied beer tastings from every corner of our country are offered to you from the brewers themselves.

In the coming months you can read more over the different activities that will give you a chance to learn even more over the fascinating beer world.

You have no doubt already set aside in your agenda the first weekend of October for us, and we welcome you in advance!